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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Notebook

Though I don't have the pages to prove it, I am nearly positive this notebook began its journey clear back in 2001, when Kirk and I lived in a tiny townhome in Kearns, and he had asked me to teach him piano.  Although he was an excellent student, his concurrent efforts toward earning a Bachelors degree, being 23 years old, and not being particularly dedicated seemed to get in the way of finding time to practice.  (That and the fact that it was hilarious to watch his ape-sized hands attempt to play in "C Position."  Think clown-car.)

 I am imagining it then lived, forgotten, in my piano bench for some time.  10 years later, it resurfaced; most likely as I rummaged through the house looking for anything with blank pages.  I probably glanced fondly at the piano lesson ledger, ripped out the no-longer-needed pages, and stashed it in the bag I was taking to Oklahoma rehearsal.

I assume that was the case, since its first pages include my purposeful handwriting, the kind I use when I am writing slowly and carefully with the intent to easily read the words later.  I was, no doubt, sitting next to Arlee as we discussed our entrances and exits and made nearly identical reference notes so as not to forget anything.

After those first few pages, this notebook becomes a journal of sorts.  If not a journal, perhaps a travelogue, detailing several months of one busy year!

[March 2011] I have 6 pages dedicated to Oklahoma, most of which is notes which director Nanny Mackenzie must have insisted we write down.

No idea what Nanny meant when she said not to "Tonya Harding"

My favorite note of all time: "Enjoy being a hussy..."

Another favorite: "Andrea, back off on the harmonies."

[May 2011] I have 4 pages of plans, audition notes, and finalized cast list for Joseph...Dreamcoat.

[July 2011] I have 3 pages of blocking notes and contact info for the youth I worked with for our stake's patriotic concert.

I wish I hadn't used a separate notebook for [August 2011] Into the Woods and [August 2011] Willy Wonka, Jr. but it doesn't surprise me that I did.  I had to work ridiculously hard to make sure I kept one rehearsal separate from the next.

[December 2011] The year ends with 7 pages of detailed notes and trial lyrics I used to compose an original number from the perspectives of Heavenly Father, Zacharius, and Mary to be performed as part of the choir Christmas program.

I also used a separate notebook for [December 2011] Dickens Festival.  

The notebook appears to have gotten a break until [June 2012] when I took it to a show I reviewed for the UTBA.  I hope that means I took a break, too!  It is fun to look back and see how easy it so tell when the sun went down at the amphitheater (and I just gave up on neat writing).

[August 2012]  The notebook attended one of my favorite shows I have seen courtesy of UTBA.  It was fun to compare my chicken-scratch notes to the polished review I submitted to the site.

And then, as notebooks do, it faded into obscurity, not to be picked up again until 4/24/2014, once again to attend a production.

It's kind of silly how much I love old notebooks, and how I can't bear to throw one away.  But everything from the pen color to the slant to the topic is a reflection of whoever I was that day.  Even the to do lists are telling!

Since [April 2014], I have added Personal Progess notes, "To Survive Monday Morning" (the list I wrote of essentials to move in Phase 1 of our recent move, and solo audition notes for an upcoming 6th grade performance.

This old notebook only has 6 pages left, but I predict my life will be recorded in many a wandering notebook.


Sarah said...

Just started taking a short class on the importance of handwriting. Love that you see how the color of pen and slant are important...more telling than a typed sentence.