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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Andrea's take on blogging and

Well, here I am at my very own new family blog. For anyone who may have occassionally checked for me on Bebo, I guess this marks the end of my Bebo phase. I certainly don't have time to update two sites! I'm definately a big advocate of blogging in general; who wouldn't love to share their journal with their closest friends (oh, yeah, and anyone with a computer). Seriously, though, I think its a good idea, especially since chances are no one is going to read it anyway. This will be a great way for Kirk and I to do our family history. :)

As for Blogger as a site, I'm pretty sure I'm about to be pretty excited, because the photo program I use (Picassa -- FYI, its free and I can't live without it) links directly with it. I haven't played with that function yet, but I bet within minutes there will be some pictures up here. It seems easy enough to use, and it looks nice, so I'm happy. Good choice, Kirk.


Jay said...

Blog looks great so far it really needed that feminine touch. Mine is just full of gun pics mostly lol.