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Monday, October 15, 2007

Never take 5 kids and 5 vehicles to the park

Even if the kids are pretty self sufficient, and even if you have all the energy in the world, never take 5 kids, 2 bikes, 1 tricycle, 1 stroller, and a pushable car to the park. Ever. On the way there, it is quite possible that each child will propel his or her vehicle. However, it is quite likely that you will not be so lucky on the way home. It is not only possible but nearly inevitable that you will be carrying the trike, pushing the bike, and pulling a 3 year old behind you in the pushable car.

And then your 2 year old might just say, "Can you hold me, Mommy?"

And when you patiently tell him, "Mommy's hands are a little busy right now, can't you see?" he might use his advanced reasoning skills to ask, "Well, can you give me a piggy ride, pweeeeease?"

Next time, I'll either take more adults or less bikes! Or I could always leave a kid or two at the park.