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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time to get up to speed.

Okay so I guess we could only resist for so long. It is now time for our family to join the blogging universe. I guess the easiest thing to do is to do a little section on what is happening to each person in the family then we can just blog events or random thoughts from here on out.


So I guess some stuff has happened to me worth blogging about. My mind is all over the place so bear with me. I finished the MBA portion of my degree in September and yesterday, October 8th, I started the first of five classes to get my emphasis in accounting. I felt so good to be actually taking a class I cared about. I can't believe I have actually made it this far in my schooling. Truth be told if it wasn't for Andrea I probably would have never finished my BS. The class I am in is auditing which I seem to really enjoy. I am currently in the hiring process for an IRS agent position, it would be a January hire, and if things don't work out with that I think I will pursue an auditor position with my work or another company. Let me tell you this IRS process is ridiculous. To make a long story short, and I mean short, I applied back in September of 2006. I'm currently waiting to see when I will interview for the January positions that are open. The only bad thing is that if I do get the job there is a very good chance the job will be in Las Vegas. It would suck to leave family but it would be a fun adventure. The only problem is I don't think they would offer enough pay for me to move so I don't think I would take even if they did offer it. Heck I don't even know if the pay would be enough to take an in state job. That sums it up for the Kirk update.


Andrea is busy as can be. She is working as the music specialist at Challenger, piano teacher, and book keeper for her dad's business. That is pretty much all I can put for her so I will it up to her to come in and blog about stuff she wants in here.


Adam is now 2 and 3/4 and getting so big. He has started going to preschool at Challenger on Tuesday and Thursday. He is on a waiting list for the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday preschool. He seems to really enjoy school. He will randomly tell people "I go to school on Tuesday." His vocabulary is pretty big and makes his mommy and daddy proud. Andrea and I are trying to sell our Saturn Vue and just have one vehicle, plus the lease is up in May. So Andrea takes me to work and Adam will not let her go through the gate until the gate has opened up completely. Which is fine but that gate move so slowly (side note, there is a sign on the gate that says moving gate may cause serious injury or death. I just can't help but think of the scene in Austin Powers and the steam roller when I see the gate moving and the sign). The other big event in Adam's life is he has mastered the art of potty training. Now that he has conquered that I can't wait until the other one is out of diapers. I forgot how nice it is not having to change someone else's bum.


What can you say about little Alex. He is 7 months now and getting bigger. He is trying to crawl, he does what I like to call a caterpillar crawl. He will get up on all fours and then put his arms out so he is laying down, then up on all fours again. He gets around pretty quick. He is quite determined too, when he sets his mind to something he will keep going back to it even if you move him across the room. We had to take him in to the doctors recently because we noticed his breathing was labored and he was wheezing. It turns out he has a virus that entered into his lungs and we need to give him a breathing treatment every 4 to 6 hours. Which sucks cause most of the time he fights you and cries when try to give him the treatment. Other than that he is just being a happy baby boy.