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Monday, October 29, 2007

IRS update

As many of you know or may not know I have been going through the hiring process with the IRS. I applied in September of last year, in May I took their assesment test. About a month or two ago I got an email to see if I was still interested and if so what three locations I would like to work. Friday I got to my car and had a message on my cell phone, I am not allowed to take my cell phone into my work because of security reasons. It was the IRS wanting to know if I am still interested and would like to interview for one of the seven open posistion in Salt Lake City. I called and left a message to say I am still interested. So now it is a waiting game again. The hire date would be in January. I will make sure I update everyone once I know more and if I got the job. I really want the position I just hope they will pay enough for me to justify leaving my current job.


Jay said...

Awesome good luck!!!