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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

About 4 years ago, I joined the dark side and started scrapbooking. I call scrapbooking the dark side because it is so addictive and costs SO much. Well, I am pleased to announce that I have found the perfect alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Go digital. Since I love graphic design, I've been designing mine from scratch using Photoshop CS. I find papers and embellishments online for FREE, then I alter, create, edit, etc. and come up with -- in my opinion -- fabulous results. The best part? I upload the finished product to and get a 16" x 20" book printed for $26.95 for the first 20 pages ($.50 each additional page) and $6.99 shipping. I'm guessing Adam's 2 to 3 year old book will be about 40 pages when its all done. It will cost me about $44, and be beautifully printed and bound. I love knowing that if my house burns down and I lose my scrapbooks, I can just pay winkflash another $44 and get it reprinted. I know all this probably sounds like some sort of an infomercial, but I just want to share my new love with everyone. Check out a few of my favorite pages, and if you ever want digital scrapbooking tips, I think I'm president of the fan club!




Unknown said...

Hey a friend of mine does this and has a few freebie's. Here is the link to her site. Ck her out, she does a great job.

Robyn said...

These are so cute!!