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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ban on Ice Cream Trucks

I have no problem with ice cream trucks driving through my neighborhood, American folk-songs blaring, causing my three year old to whine incessantly about wanting ice cream (which, by the way, he doesn't even like). At home, we are protected by walls and fences, and Adam doesn't have to watch as other children (with apparently nicer and richer parents) purchase and eat their treats. When an ice cream truck pulls into a child-laden public area -- like a park -- however, I have a problem with it.

Now I do realize that it is good business. If you want to sell ice cream, go where the kids are. But at best it is unkind, and at worst - unethical. If I wanted to buy fun for my kids, I'd be at McDonalds. The park is where I go for my kids to have good, clean, FREE fun. I really just don't appreciate our fun time being interupted when I have to tell Adam no.

I wish there was some sort of a city ordinance banning ice cream trucks from parks.


The Fife's said...

Every time the kids ask me for an ice cream from the ice cream man, I just tell them that I could go to the store and buy a whole box for the cost of one through them. Usually this nips it in the bud. Of course my kids are older and are starting to grasp the idea of money.

Unknown said...

I hate the darn things. They come around the park during football practice. That is not a fun sight.

Kris said...

I don't have kids so I can't say I know from experience, but I wouldn't want them in the park either.

Martha Belle Schultz said...

Hey cute Fife fam , how are things ? I thought I'd check in and see how you all are doing ? This blog has a very valid point which I agree with ! Hope all is well.