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Friday, August 29, 2008

Political Confusion

A post from my good friend Jay Tucker has renewed an interest in something I've been thinking about for a while. You see, I tend to suffer from what I call political constipation, a condition involving an overall understanding of what's important to me coupled with a complete inability to translate that information into a clear answer to a seemingly simple question... who should I vote for? I read an idea awhile back, though, about forming a research/debate group of sorts to help sift through all the available information about different candidates, then get together and discuss it.

My biggest concern is that someone (or multiple someones) would get too personally vested in an issue to give an unbiased, fact-based report, or even scarier, that they would take offense to the unbiased, fact-based reports given. I am pretty sure, though, that all my friends are mature enough (politically, only... I I'm not referencing what you do in your spare time here. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about) to handle an unbiased, fact-based discussion about politics, right? Assuming that such a thing exists, of course.

So the question, then, is three-fold. Part A: Would you like to be involved in my little research/debate project? Part B: What issues would you like to see researched/debated? Part C: Would you rather do the debating in person (I'm seeing major benefits to this when in comes to keeping our tact-filters, well, intact. Yes, the pun was intended) or via a specially designed blog forum (obviously better for gas prices and potential out-of-state participants)?


Jay said...

I would be interested in something email or blog based.