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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fantasy Sports

So we are quickly approaching one of my favorite times, football season. With the start of football season comes another great thing, fantasy football. I know what you're thinking, there are many different fantasy sports besides fantasy football. Yes there are and I usually take part in them. I have been in fantasy hockey, basketball, golf, basketball, and more but I truly love fantasy football. In addition to doing fantasy football I also love to do weekly pick 'em leagues. For those of you not familiar with that it is when you go in and pick a winner for the games that week. Well I have set up a college football weekly pick 'em where you pick the winner's for the teams in the AP top 25 (unfortunately this means I will have to pick BYU) and an NFL pick 'em league.

So if any of you reading this did not get an invite to be a part of the league and you would like to be in it please let me know. Also I am thinking of setting up another NFL pick 'em league where you rank the games for the week. It is called a confidence interval. What you do is pick the winner for each game. Then if there is 16 game you rank them from 1 to 16, you put the games you feel you are most confident you are correct on in the higher numbers. Then if you picked the winner of the game you get that many points. You are not penalized for getting the game wrong you just don't earn the points. Anyway if you want to be a part of that let me know and I will get it set up.

That is all I have to post about for now. Who knows in another couple of months I will post again. Peace out.