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Monday, August 25, 2008

Give That Guy a Klondike Bar

On Friday, I had asked Kirk to stop at the store on his way home to grab a few things. When he got home, he'd also picked up these beautiful flowers. He told me he wanted to wish me good luck on the bridal show I'd be doing on Saturday (click here for more on that), and - here's the kicker - "I know you said your booth was going to be decorated in fall colors, so I thought these would look really nice." Seriously, give my husband a Klondike Bar for listening well enough to even remember what colors my booth would be decorated in. Thanks, honey!


Steph said...

So cute! Maybe he should give Ben some listening advise!!!

Kris said...

Your set up looks fantastic! I'm glad it went so well. Christopher and I were planning on stopping by, but when we found out that we'd have to pay $5.00 each to get in we decided against it. Sorry! Keep us posted on the business!