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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ralston Hot Cereal

Lately I've been revamping what my kids eat for breakfast, and I nostalgically remembered one of my childhood favorites: Ralston. I asked Kirk if he ever had it as a kid, but he hadn't. He missed out. Ralston is sort of like oatmeal, but lots smoother, and it's made of wheat. It cooks up instantly, and it is SO yummy. Anyway, I wanted to be able to share this wonder with my kids, but I remembered that my parents stopped buying it when I was a kid because the stores stopped selling it.

I decided to check it out online. There are a few places that sell it, but it isn't always available. One store says they'll have some available on August 22nd. It costs $2.75 per box, and I'm just assuming (could be wrong here) that I'll save on shipping by buying more. More importantly, though, I can help impart Ralston to anyone who misses its yumminess. So if any of you grew up on Ralston and want to order some, let me know, and I'll put in a big group order as soon as I can.


Kris said...

I've never heard of Ralston. Is it similar to Malt O Meal? I grew up eating Malt O' Meal and love that stuff.