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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can Billy Play (Part II)

Thanks for all your help with part I of the neighborhood friends mechanics. Here's part II...

The scenario: Billy has invited Adam to play at Billy's house, and Adam has been gone for over an hour. I totally trust Billy's family, and I really don't mind if Adam keeps playing. What should I do? Keep in mind that I don't like to meddle if I don't have to.

1. Assume that Billy's mom will kick Adam out when she's sick of him.
2. Go over to Billy's house and take Adam home with me.
3. Call Billy's mom to check on Adam and let her know to send him home whenever she wants.


Fountaine's said...

I would go with #3. Calling to let them know it's ok if they want to play longer but also let them know to send him home when it's time or better yet ask what time do they want you to pick Adam up. Then the ball's in their court.

Kris said...

I asked my colleagues about having their young children go over to a friends house to play. This is what they told me they do (because I don't remember ever playing at a friends house that young)....
1) They (the children) can choose whose house they want to play at so if he comes over to ask Adam if he wants to play, they would make a choice together as to which house to play at. Of course, the mother needs to make sure that there is adult supervision at the other house and not just an older sibling.
2) Because of his young age, they would walk him over to the house as oppose to letting him just go if they choose the friends house to play at.
3) They would either go over and pick him up after a certain length of time because younger children don't always have concept of time, or make a phone call to the other mother asking how things are going and when you can pick him up or to have her send him home.

Again, this is what my friends told me they do. I believe it depends on how responsible your child is and how concerned you are for their safety. I guess if the friend lives next door, your child can just walk home by himself when asked to go home.

Hope this helps.