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Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Months Already?!

The last two months have officially been the fastest of my life! Every day I feel like this little guy's infancy is just slipping right through my fingers. I generally don't find much time to take pictures lately, but I made sure to do a little "photo shoot" today on his 2 month birthday. He was so sweet, and he let me take a million pictures of him. (Okay, actually only 92). He even did his little attempt at a smile in a few of them. I was fortunate to catch him in such a cute mood.
It has been so fun to have his little personality in our home. In so many ways his temperment reminds me of Adam (sleeps a lot, rarely fussy), except with the cuddly cuteness of Alex. He still sleeps all the time, which I am not complaining about. He is generally only awake for about 90 minutes between his 3 hours naps. He only wakes up once during the night, which I can definately handle. And when he is awake, he just LOVES to cuddle. He almost never cries except when he truly needs something, and he is so easy to soothe. He loves to be swaddled up really tightly, and he loves to be held by his big brother Adam.
All is well here, although most days keeping up with the boys is all I can manage, and any cleaning or laundry I manage to do is just considered a bonus. We are all adjusting well, and I simply couldn't be happier.


Kris said...

I'm so glad he's such a great baby for you.

Jami said...

Already???? He is so adorable, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Good work.