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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuck, Straddle, Pike

My brother-in-law teaches a tumbling class at a dance studio not far from me, and when I mentioned that I thought gymnastics might be a good outlet for some of Alex's energy, he said I could bring him by to try out a class. Granted, the class he teaches is full of teen and pre-teen girls, most of whom can do back handsprings. But hey, you have to start somewhere.
Alex got to participate in the first half of class when they do "line tumbling" which basically means they all practice the same stuff one after another in a line. Alex proudly took his place in line and completed his "front rolls" (somersaults in laymen's terms) just like the girls. Then when the girls did their back rolls, Uncle Skye taught him how to do his "moose ears." (He had him put his thumbs by his ears with his fingers out like antlers to get prepared for his back rolls.)
After the line tumbling while the girls were taking a water break, Skye taught Alex some of the inportant tumbling terms, tuck, pike, and straddle. Skye said Alex caught on very quickly for his age.
Alex seemed to have a great time, and his focus amazed me. Maybe we'll have to talk Skye into teaching a little kids tumbling class so we can go every week!


Mecham Family said...

If you convince him, my kids would love to join! There's a real need for a good tumbling class in our area!