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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mario Party Super Brothers

Yeah, yeah, I know it's really called Super Mario Brothers. But not at my house. Here we play Mario Party Super Brothers. And we play it all the time.

I have to say that this video game is both the best and the worst thing to ever come into my house.

Best because it can entertain 4 little boys for endless periods of time.
Worst because we have to hear, "Can I play MPSB?" during pretty much every moment of every day.

Best because the adults love to play it just as much as the kids.
Worst because we have to kick the kids off to get to play it.

Best because the kids can handle it all by themselves.
Worst because they argue incessantly about who stole who's Yoshi and who is leaving who behind.

Best because it is something we can all do together as a family.
Worst because we can't seem to do it together without lots of frustration.

Best because the kids love it so much that when told they couldn't play it because it was Sunday, they went and found pencils and paper and pretended to play it. Still not sure exactly how that worked, but they seemed to love their make-believe version just as much.

I guess for now, the "bests" have it.


Rebecca and Nick said...

oh that's fun! Is it a wii game? I need a wii.

Torn said...

Oh I hear you - but I have to agree, it's a great game. My girls love it :)

M. Brigham said...

When Sam and I were little and we just got Super Mario for NES we were playing together and I was Mario and he was Luigi. He was able to get so far without dying which made it very frustrating for me because it meant that I had to wait a long time to play. I kept telling him that I wanted him to get little and die because he was big and had a flower. When he finally died, he cried and told on me, "Mom, Brigham wanted me to get little and die!" My mother had and still has virtually no knowledge of the world of video games. She thought I was horrible