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Sunday, December 13, 2009

"You're Ruining My Life!"

I was really flattered when someone told me my boys are the best dressed boys at church. Not that it's something I'm going for. I just kind of hope it somehow it compensates for the fact that they are the worst behaved.

Week 2 of Kirk working on Sunday was significantly less successful than last week. No Cinderella story here. Dylan did not sleep through Sacrament Meeting. Adam and Alex were neither quiet nor well behaved. In fact, at one point (while lining his crayons up as a loud choo choo train), Alex screamed at Adam, "You're ruining my line!" Although his speech has been getting incredibly clear lately, the couple in front of us still thought he had told Adam that he was ruining his life. Thanks to the angel known as Sister Pope who came and rescued us again.

Last week I was grateful for blessings manifested here on earth. This week, I'm thinking I'm owed some in heaven. Next week, Kirk will be attending church with us. Period.


Nene said...

That is hilarious! Kudos to you for making it to church with three small boys - I honestly don't think I could do it nor would I want to try!