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Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas...

Our Christmas was WAY too exciting for just one post. So here it is, "12 Days of Christmas" style:

My family headed south for an Arizona Christmas, so we had a little Casdorph Christmas a few days early. We watched a pretty funny "mockumentary" called Stalking Santa, ate some chicken stew and yummy bars, and enjoyed each other's company. We finished up by exchanging gifts. The kids got jammies from Grandma, and Alex immediately had to try his on. He started calling them his "animals" (because of their cute animal print) and would not take them off for two days. He literally wore them for a full 48 hours.

Thanks to Grandma Casdorph (aka MOM) for starting the holiday off right!

Check back for the next 11 days to read about the rest of our fun Christmas!