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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Faith and Blessings

Last Sunday, Kirk had to work for my dad, and I was faced with the prospect of a Sunday alone. I briefly considered playing hookie from church, but then I decided I'd better go, even if it might be difficult.

It was Fast Sunday, and I really did want to fast. With all the craziness of bathing all the kids and dressing them myself plus dragging them off to choir practice with me, eating was not even an option. At least it made fasting easy.

In Sacrament Meeting, my kids are generally ok-behaved. Not great. Not terrible. Just OK. And that is generally with lots of threatening, bribery, and two parents to watch them like hawks. This Sunday, I think I learned what Cinderella must have felt like when her Fairy Godmother came to grant her wish of going to the ball. My kids were ANGELS. My only explanation is that Heavenly Father blessed me for my faith in braving church by myself. Not only was I blessed with well-behaved kids, I was also blessed by ward members who stepped in to help in the few moments where my two hands were simply not enough. Thanks to Sis. Pope for sitting with Alex when he needed a little extra attention. Thanks to Sis. Michaelis and Sis. Mecham who both held Dylan for me when I had to focus my attention elsewhere (like on my primary calling). Thanks to the countless others who made offers to help me if I should happen to need it.

Unfortunately, the kids' equivalent of Cinderella's midnight was apparently 4 pm, when we got out of church. The last four hours of the day were less heavenly. Still, I am incredibly grateful for the blessings I received.