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Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Lighter Side

I've been reading this guy's blog off and on for awhile now, mostly because I enjoy his writing style as much as I enjoy the variety of the posts he writes.  I like his humorous stuff.  I respect his serious stuff.  Mostly I like that I really think he writes just to write.  He just happens to have readers in each of the 50 states as well as 137 countries.

Anyhow, enough creepy adulation.  The point is that I just read one of his older posts about wanting to keep a bit more upbeat on his blog.  He urged his readers that if he got too heavy, they should send him a message with the word "wenis" as the only content.  It amused me - and reminded me that I had some lighthearted videos to post that I haven't got around to, since I seem to have just had a lot to say lately.

As videos, they are super boring.  But hit play and then check Facebook or something.  You might get some enjoyment out of my kids singing their two new favorite Christmas songs, each included on the David Archuletta album (Christmas from the Heart) we received from Paul and Joan Mecham as a Christmas gift.

Adam's Top Pick: Track 9 - Pat a Pan

The loudest vocals are Adam, with Dylan joining in full force at about :45, singing what we like to call "the right note."  Al's best contribution is the beat boxing at about 1:30.  Alex actually sings both songs very well, but was quite tired this particular evening.

Al's Top Pick: Track 11 - Riu Riu Chiu

It's a bit harder to separate the three voices on this one, since Adam's Spanish very closely resembles Dyl's standard jibberish.  Best moments are at 1:40 and 2:04-40.

In all honesty, I'd recommend the whole CD.  But I've become pretty fond of the three-boy sing-a-longs!  I'm not sure the CD will sound the same to me without the backup group.