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Monday, January 17, 2011

Adam's Birthday Dog

I'm posting this now because I promised I'd post it.  But what I really wanted to post was pictures of Dylan trying to walk.  So here I am, violating my own personal one-post-per-day rule today so I can have my cake and eat it too.  Make sure you read both!

Adam has been begging indiscriminately for another pet for some time.  Some days he begs for a lizard.  Other days, it's another dog.  We finally decided that for his 6th birthday, he could get a dog.

Okay, I use the phrase "he could get" quite loosely, because in reality, I did all the research, then presented him with one really good option, and gently urged him to pick that particular dog.  Still, we call the new acquisition "Adam's dog," and he's had to take most of the responsibility, so I hope that means he got a dog.

Sammy - the name she already had when we found her at the Humane Society - is an eight year old lab mix with a very laid back personality.  She loves laying around, cuddling, and following Kirk around the house.  Really, the only time she causes any sort of ruckus is when the cat is near.  We're hoping the novelty of the cat wears off soon, so poor Roxie can return to a life of tranquility.

She fits all the criteria we'd established.  She's an older dog.  She lets Dylan love her.  She is smart and trainable.  She is neither a small dog nor a big dog.  And - bonus - her tranquility is having a calming effect on our high strung Jack Russell Terrier, Sadie.  Another bonus - the acquisition of another female brings our house into perfect balance: three male children, three female pets.

So, welcome to the family, Sammy.  May you be loved, hugged, petted, and occasionally laid upon for the rest of your doggy years.