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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eight Attempts

I'm too sick to stand up and clean my house.

My nose is too stuffy for me to lie down and rest.  Every time I try, I just can't breathe at all.

I've already taken two warm baths in the last 24 hours.  Sadly, the water eventually turns cold, and I cannot live in the tub.

Hm, what restful activity could I do while sitting down, leaning against a microwaved warm bag of cornmeal?

I could blog...

When Alex was around the age Dylan is now, I took a series of pictures and later put them together into what we called "The One Shoe Project."  No matter how many times we dressed him, complete with two shoes, we'd find him minutes later walking around in just one.

Well, Dylan has invented his own picture project for me.  I don't have a name for it yet, so please feel free to comment with a project title.

Here are the pictures:

The problem:

What I should have here is eight candid pictures capturing eight different moments of Dylan's best and cutest new tricks.

What I have, instead, is eight pictures of Dylan stopping whatever he was doing to pose for the camera.  If standing, he will sit.  If holding items in his hand, he will discard them.  If smiling, he will lose the expression and stare blankly at the camera, waiting for it to flash in his eyes. The second he perceives the camera, he assumes the position: legs in front, hands on legs, awkward expression.  Every time!

And, unfortunately, I am a mother of three and consequently, my brain is mush.  Although these were all taken within the last three weeks, I've already forgotten what I was trying to photograph.  Those moments have been lost forever.

Well, at least I'll have this memory of the {Your Creative Title Here} Project.


Kris said...

Sorry about your illness. It's not fun being sick. Hmmm...titles. Here are a few ideas, not that great though:
1. The "Stop, Pose and Stare" project
2. The "Baby Model" project (every Gerber commercial I've seen, the baby is sitting just like Dylan is, legs streched out with hands on the legs)
3. The "Deer in headlights" project (except his eyes aren't really wide)
4. The "I'm a serious red-head" project.

I'll keep brainstorming.

Fountaine's said...

How about "The Sitting Duck" or maybe "As the Pickle Sits"?