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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review - Milk Duds

Milk Duds have that awesome flavor, but I just can't thoroughly enjoy them with the way they stick to my teeth.  For me, these books just barely missed the mark:

Ah, disappointment. It's not that the storyline wasn't interesting. Compelling, even. I actually LOVED that she took a more realistic journey than many authors (ahem... Stephanie Meyer) and ended the book with some significant loss of life. I didn't mind the gore; I should have expected it after the first two books. But, sadly, I didn't care about the characters. I can't put a finger on why not, but I do know that the thing, that indescribable thing that made me love the first two was missing from this one. Where I should have been weeping (at least inwardly) for Katniss's losses and heartwrenching decisions, I just didn't care

While I enjoyed the back-story, the writing seemed forced at times. It seemed like Meyer was going for "shock" as she described the appetites of the newborns. Consequently, the emotions she described never seemed deep or real. As a character, however, Bree Tanner instantly caught my interest, and had her second life not been so short, I would have gladly continued to follow her story.