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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Struck Again...

The Posing Bandit has struck again...

After Alex had a really bad asthma attack* (the worst I've seen so far) and then fell sound asleep on the couch,  Dylan decided it was the perfect time to finally be able to give Alex some love.  Normally anytime Dylan tries to cuddle, Alex pushes him away.  So I snuck away - unnoticed - to grab the camera.  I turned it on and removed the lens cap undetected, but before the flash went off, Dylan had already started to shift to "the position," and all I got was a blurry reminder of what might have been.

To console myself, I decided to post the pages to Dylan's first year scrapbook, which I've finally just finished.  Proof that once upon a time, I could actually get the picture I was going for.

And now for the details of Alex's asthma attack.  We've all been sick with colds this week, which is always a sticky situation for Alex.  We've closely monitored him all week, keeping up with his rescue inhaler every 4 hours during the worst of his cold.  He'd come through the worst, so yesterday I'd administered the inhaler only as needed.  I gave him a couple puffs before sending him off to the babysitters, and figured that would be all we'd need for the day.

I didn't count on Adam making him laugh hysterically at dinner last night.  It went something like this.  Laugh-laugh-cough-cough-sputter-laugh- wait.... I don't think he's laughing anymore - rescue inhaler - throw up into the inhaler - finish throwing up into the toilet - finish the inhaler - fall sound asleep on the couch.

I've never seen him go from fine to throwing up so quickly, but thankfully the inhaler seemed to be all he needed to get back in control.  Note to self: order more inhalers and spacers so we have one for each vehicle and one for his backpack.  Do it.  Now.


Case Family said...

Dylans book is super cute! As for Alex yes I would get the extra spacers and inhalers, It is so much easier to have one for every where they go. It will make you more at ease when he is haveing trouble and you can't be with them. Glad to hear that he is okay! Miss all of you tons!