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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jumping to the Virgo Ship

I've never given a second thought to my astrological sign until I heard today that they may be changing.  Suddenly I was filled with a sense of "but I'm a Libra" pride.  Wanting to know to what what ideal I was feeling so attatched, I headed out to good old Google to do a bit of research.  First my dad and I compared his current Aquarius to his potential Capricorn and found neither really fit him.  Then we checked out Libra and easily determined that, "You're always doing things for others without thinking of yourself," just didn't fit me.  But when we checked out my new sign, Virgo, I knew I just had to jump ship.

I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have stopped caring again.  But for today, I'm all puffed up with Virgo pride.