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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decade in Review

I saw this on Facebook and liked it, but knew I'd tend to be wordy.  So here it is on my blog instead.

2000: (Disclaimer: this was a very pivotal year, just not very positive)
          Broke up with the guy I thought I was going to marry
          Blew my full ride scholarship to Utah State University
          Dropped out of college completely

2001: Started working at Mansell and Associates
          Met Kirk and married him :)
          Bought our townhouse

2002: Discovered my love of graphic design
          Promoted to Marketing Coordinator
          Balanced full time work and 30 piano students

2003: (Another pivotal but difficult year)
          Miscarried our first pregnancy
          Kirk's knee surgery went bad
          Sold condo/moved in with Kirk's parents
          Failed at being a realtor
          Started in the marketing program at the University of Phoenix

2004: Bought our house! :)
          Work and school, work and school, work and school!
          Marketing Director at SCI

2005: Welcome, Adam!
          Quit work to be a stay-at-home-mom

2006: Part time work at Challenger
          Finished degree program at University of Phoenix
          Trip to Florida

2007: Discovered digiscrapping
          Welcome, Alex!
          Started blogging
2008: Married off both my sisters
          Invited the Case family to live with us
          Quit job at Challenger, completely stay-at-home

2009: Attempted a digiscrap business
          Played Gertrude in Seussical the Musical
          Welcome, Dylan!

2010: Our house is our own again
          Actually completed graduation paperwork and received diploma
          Working at Navigator Pointe Academy

Well, only 2 rough years out of 11... I hope the next decade is as great!