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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to my Game Room!

One day in November as I was cleaning our seldom-used office, I started to brainstorm a better use for the room. 

A main-floor entertainment room with a tv and the video game systems? 


But that would just encourage the boys and their friends to migrate from downstairs to upstairs throughout their time at our house. 

Bad plan.

A dedicated place to play our ever-growing supply of board and card games?


That could work.

We tested the idea out on a few friends (who thankfully agreed with me that it wouldn't be weird or awkward to retreat to a room to play games), and then I started my favorite part of the process: mentally planning the room.

Of course I had a very small budget, limited mostly to the money I got for Christmas.  So for now, the room features a table and chairs from DI ($76 for the table and all 8 chairs!) and shelves re-purposed (aka: stolen) from the kids' playroom.  That left enough budget for the things I really cared about: awesome wall stripes and blown up, framed prints from the game Dixit.

Since I'm too chicken to put paint on a wall without knowing what to expect first, I hit the computer with my plans.

I narrowed down the Dixit cards to my favorite 10, then consulted family to help narrow it down to 8.

I chose colors, bought supplies, painted, cut, sanded, painted some more, waited not-so-patiently for my prints to come, ran to the hardware store again, painted, measured, hammered, hung, and...

Well, the pictures really don't do it justice, so consider this your official invitation to come play games with us. Seriously.  Call, text, facebook, or whatever, and we'll set something up!

Oh, and here's the icing on the cake:

A custom-made rotating game board, designed for primarily for Dominion but quite useful for many games.  This was my Christmas present from my 17 year old brother this year.  And no, he didn't buy it somewhere.  He designed and built it.  Using a laser cutter.  Yeah, you can see why he got accepted to that super prestigious engineering school.


Kris said...

Great job! Christophers parents have a game room in their basement and I always thought it was such a good idea. I LOVE the Dominion centerpiece. Your brother did a fantastic job!

Sarah said...

LOVE the artwork and the stripes. What a fun room.

Fountaine's said...

I think we need to start a Fife tradition of game night at Kirk and Andrea's. And maybe a pot luck dinner to along with it. It would be a double "F" night (Fife Fun). Ha, I just made that up.

coryshay said...

Love the stripes! Looks great!