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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review - M&M's

My go-to, good anytime candy is plain M&M's.  Pop in a handful while you're cleaning the house, and they make even the most mundane tasks more bearable.  Here are a couple of books that added that bit of sweetness to my year.

What a pleasant surprise!  Although this started out as a book with seemingly no plot, I was never bored of the premise or of the main character.  As I continued to read, some semblance of a plot emerged, and I was hooked.  I'm always amused by an author who garners sympathy for the most unlikely of characters.  This one was a fun read.

This book may look like novel, but it is really a collection of short stories woven together by the life of one elderly woman. Each story gave me something to think about, and the endurance of the women in the stories gave me something to work toward. A book about forgiveness, faith, and fortitude, Prayers for Sale would make an excellent topic for a book club.